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Dr. Florian Raub

                Florian Raub

Certified Biologist

Bachstr. 33

76316 Malsch

Tel.: ++49-(0)721-175-2820





February 2005 – September 2006: student apprentice at the SMNK

October 2006 – 2009: Ph.D. student in the SOLOBIOMA project, working with spiders in tropical (secondary) forests and tropical ecology

January 2010 - May 2010:  student apprentice at the SMNK

September 2010 - February 2011: freelance biologist doing CMS/Internet consulting

February 2011 - today: research staff at the SMNK, working with scientific databases (IMDAS, DiversityWorkbench)

Diploma thesis: “Activity based density of arthropods in experimentally designed agroforestry systems in central Amazonia” done during the German/Brazilian cooperation project SHIFT in Manaus , Brazil .

Tasks at the SMNK

  • Work with scientific collections/databases
  • Enhancement and care of the literature databases
  • Guidance of museum tours concerning tropical ecology
  • Collaboration in conceptual and text design of a new vivarium exposition
  • Ph.D. thesis during the SOLOBIOMA project
  • Data migration for IMDAS Pro

Scientific interests

  • tropical ecology (SHIFT, SOLOBIOMA)
  • faunistic classification of secondary habitats of different regrowing forest stages
  • (tropical) Araneae Ph.D. thesis during the SOLOBIOMA project
  • scientific database systems (MySQL)
  • CMS Communication solutions for scientific projects using Drupal