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  • the Mata Atlântica biome is one of the five most important biotopes on earth, in terms of inventory and necessity for conservation, including high ratios in endemism. Around 70% of the Brazilians live in this region, which implies in anthropogenic threat. The need of scientific knowledge on biodiversity, being expressed by the Parties of CBD, is one of the main challenges of mega diverse countries;
  • there is urgent need to harmonize the specifications of action plans for conservation of biodiversity with those to mitigate and adapt to climate change;
  • robust scientific knowledge for proving the necessity of safeguarding biodiversity in favour of maintenance of ecosystem services is required – in benefit of human welfare and combined with their economic valuation;
  • the importance of bringing social groups together for acquiring knowledge, which is handed over to the public and private sectors, NGO and others. This is a precondition for aligning common action plans in the sense of conservation of biodiversity.
  • it is important to offer systematization and dissemination of knowledge in specific, didactic language, in order to enable access for specific publics;
  • there is need in capacity building of human resources, as they participate in interdisciplinary studies on PAs, ecosystem services, climate change and others.