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Fields of Activity

InBioVeritas supports actions for the conservation of the Brazilian Mata Atlântica, according to the CBD Convention on Biological Diversity, in the following fields:

  • Generating and acquisition of knowledge on biological diversity of the Mata Atlântica (composition, structure and ecological processes);
  • assessing existent historic, scientific, social and environmental knowledge;
  • elaboration of biological classification systems for Mata Atlântica habitats;

basic science

Photo (c) Ricardo Miranda de Britez

  • developing monitoring systems for biodiversity;
  • research for implementing management tools to supply PAs and their adjacencies surroundings;
  • research and modelling for ecological restoration;
  • economic valuation of ESS Ecosystem Services of Mata Atlântica;


Photo (c) L.Scheuermann

  • research on evaluation and adaption to climate change;
  • administration and making available of information on environmental aspects of Mata Atlântica, data bases and scientific collections;
  • capacity building via courses for students, enterprises, NGOs and public sector;
  • participation in thematic round tables and institutional networks, for fostering design of environmental politics;