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wants to concentrate competences in order to improve and disseminate knowledge on biodiversity of the Mata Atlântica in a planned and coordinated way to be applied for its conservation.

Specific objectives are:

  1. To produce, integrate and disseminate scientific knowledge for the development of models for a rational use of natural resources and for subsidizing public politics in conservation of biological diversity of the Mata Atlântica;
  2. To identify and consolidate ongoing initiatives on surveying biodiversity which might be used to define a National Base for Knowledge Administration on biological diversity of the Mata Atlântica;
  3. To develop programs in environmental education, scientific visits and improvement of graduate and post-graduate students, subsidized by scientific researches;
  4. To represent a permanent initiative of valorisation of regional conservation organisations, both public and private, on the base of scientific research, educational activities and the search for continuous progress in structure and human capacities needed in those protected areas;
  5. To standardize proceedings and methods by using specific protocols that allow future comparisons and integration of the results obtained by projects related to and/or coordinated by the Centre;
  6. To define politics and procedures for a management of the collected biological material, e.g. for a deposit in scientific collections and accessibility of the non-sensitive data;
  7. To decide about the possibility of integrating further representative regions in Paraná State giving priority to the Araucaria forests and the 'Campos Gerais' after an evaluation of the results obtained during the pilot phase of 2 years. 

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