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Basic principles

  • InBioVeritas and its members dispose of more than 20 years of working experience in the Paraná Mata Atlântica and other Latin American or European regions;
  • the coastal line between southern São Paulo and Paraná disposes of the largest continuous and relatively well conserved part of the Brazilian Mata Atlântica. It contains 43 PAs which are widely and unequally spread over it. The high demand on conservation needs to be adjusted to the needs of regional development;
  • the Brazilian pine forests (araucária angustifólia), as a part of the Mata Atlântica biome, are under high pressure and only exist in a fragmented composition. This results in a high demand for conservation.
  • several post-graduate courses exist, offering contents like taxonomy, ecology and landscape protection (Federal University of Paraná); they include and carry out didactic and research activities in the region;
  • deriving from several projects being executed by UFPR, SPVS, Boticário Group Foundation and private PAs a good infrastructure is available in the coastal region of Paraná;
  • excellent results from former cooperation projects in partnerships e.g. in SOLOBIOMA, TaxOnline, Bio&Clima, ecologic restoration, management of PA are available;
  • acquired competence of InBioVeritas components by studies on taxonomy, ecology, conservation of biodiversity, assessment of ecosystem services and climate change in the Mata Atlântica at disposition;
  • capacity and competence in bringing together institutions and actors from public and private sectors, for common dissemination and application of the acquired knowledge;
  • institutional competence in initiating capacity building programmes, contributing to a better formation base of people.